Case Study December 2020

Case Study Hgrant
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A client called and explained that none of their multiple WiFi networks were working. 


  • Altice One WiFi
  • Nest WiFi
  • Weboost Cell phone signal booster

Upon arrival, we noticed that there were four different wireless networks setup: 

  • Two Nest Wifi 
  • One Altice One network
  • One network extender

The Nest Wifi was spanned by two Google accounts. Altice One is incompatible with Nest WiFi.


To bring connectivity back, we factory reset the Nest WiFi devices. Upon logging into the Altice One router, we combined the 2.4GHz and 5GHz based on the ISP recommendation and changed the network name. After the new network was established, we reconnected all devices to WiFi. H Grant Design explained that Nest WiFi will not work with Altice One and if stronger WiFi connectivity was needed, to request additional boxes from Altice.  

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