Remote PC Monitoring

What is Remote PC Monitoring?

From a remote location, we ensure your systems are always up and running smoothly. From PCs to server, your system is always safe, always secure. We work hard for you so you can work as efficiently as possible without worries

How Do We Do This?

IT is changing how it works. Rather than having a fully-staffed IT department with a room full of equipment, companies are finding more efficient and cost-saving ways to work.

From a remote location, H Grant Support will be your technology provider. As your technology provider, we monitor everything that keeps your system functioning:

The health and usage of your hard disk

The memory usage of your systems

The CPU Usage

The amount of traffic on your network

The status of your updates

The status of antivirus updates

The power

We utilize multiple resources to know the status of your system, keep track of what’s happening, and keep the network secure. In the event of imminent disruption, we are promptly notified ahead of time. We are your proactive IT team ready to resolve any issues, unlike in-house staff that come to the rescue after the incident has happened.

Keeping you ahead of disasters is what we do and is what pays off in the end. That is how your business saves money and avoids technical disruptions and downtimes.

Stuart Kovacs

I came to H Grant Support a few months back in need of computer help. I am not the most computer-savvy, but in just minutes the problem was solved. Something that was stressing me out for days and weeks was instantly fixed without any issues. They also helped with the installation of a program needed for a college class. I definitely couldn’t have gotten through my computer dilemmas without them. Definitely the quickest and friendliest service you’ll find anywhere on the web!

Amanda Ehlers

Howard always handles my computer and web issues with ease and top notch work. A breeze to work with and always happy to help, I definitely recommend him for any of your web and design needs. Thanks Howard!

Cassandra Michaels

Howard is our go-to guy at the office. I can contact him at anytime and he responds right away. Everything at the office needs to be running properly for us to take care of our patients, and it IS, thanks to him. He has always gone above and beyond for us with a great attitude to go with it. Thank you Howard!

Real-Time Monitoring

Our advanced remote monitoring and management capabilities make it easy for us to enhance your business! We get real-time customizable notifications so we can focus on identifying the problem and providing the solution.

Your issues are our issues first. With our real-time monitoring and customized notifications, we are able to get an edge on the potential problem, before it becomes one.

We’re able to communicate with you through built-in communications tools and portals so you always know what’s happening.

We’re able to run robust reports on network performance to be constantly aware of your network environment.

Remote Monitoring and Management

Customized Notifications and Automated Alerts

Seamless Communication

Monitor Reporting

Talk With Our Experts Today For a More Efficient IT System!

Start saving money and avoiding technical disruptions and downtimes!

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Frequently Asked Questions

A Managed Service Provider can fill the gaps in your in-house IT support, provide affordable access to technical expertise, or both. Read on to learn more.
  • Does remote PC monitoring take control away from the business?

    No. You are in control of your data. We ensure that your data is safely stored and that your systems are all running smoothly to manage for work and among teammates.

  • Will we still need in-house IT staff?

    It will be totally up to you if you want to have a few IT staff on premise for specific work situations. However, it is not necessary since we will be your IT provider.

  • How will we know when there is a problem with our system?

    We are the first to know through our real-time monitoring. Our customized notifications will alert us of any imminent issues. From there, we will make you aware of the issue and let you know how we intend to solve the problem before it happens.

  • Why should we monitor our PCs?

    With IT equipment, issues can easily arise, like connection failures, hardware and software problems, damaged hard disks, and cyber attacks. Precautionary measures are needed to ensure you can stay ahead of the problem to avoid loss of data and downtime, thereby maintaining production at all times. PC monitoring can make that happen.

  • How often will our system be monitored?

    It is our goal to work hard for you so you can work as efficiently as possible without worries. That means providing you with 24/7 monitoring. Our system is always working on your behalf.

  • How can we get started with your PC monitoring?

    Contact us here or give us at a call 201-606-2626 so we can set up your free consultation to discuss your needs. Once we have met with you to understand your needs, we will take it from there.