PC Setup

Computer Support You Can Count On

A new computer is exciting…until it’s time to set it up. Just because a PC is out-of-the-box doesn’t mean it’s ready for action. It may need software updates, security configurations, and other tedious tasks. Often, they come pre-loaded with plugins and drivers that you will never need. And what about installing your preferred browser and required work apps?

H Grant Support can handle all that and more, so you can get back to work sooner with your new PC.

The Benefits of VoIP Service:

We’ll upgrade your operating system, if necessary, and ensure that all your plugins, work apps, and security software can play together.

We’ll configure your cybersecurity defenses, including firewalls and antivirus software, and we’ll ensure you can access your business’s VPN and secure drives.

We’ll completely remove all the “bloatware,” including unnecessary plugins, drivers, and browser extensions, that could slow down your PC.

We’ll safely install your password manager, office software, productivity tools, and everything else you need to get stuff done.

We’ll connect all your backup drives, extra monitors, and USB accessories. No more figuring out which plug goes where!

We’ll back everything up so you can easily restore your configurations should disaster strike.

Brendan Dougherty

Howard is awesome! Had an issue and he immediately was able to help using a very easy screen share method. Highly recommend, fixed the issue in seconds!

Haydee Wagner

H Grant Support, LLC has come to the rescue several times. Totally recommend.

Micky Petrillo

Howard is so helpful. Gave me some great advice. I highly recommend him

How It Works

PC setup can be daunting, but at H Grant Support, we’re here to take it off your plate. Plus, we’ll ensure that your computer is optimized for your needs.

Ensuring PC Security

Defending your new PC includes antivirus tools, mail shields, and other protections.

Building Your Workstation

Do you need Microsoft 365? Adobe Creative Cloud? Slack? We’ll set up your essential work apps.

Updating Core Systems

Software and firmware updates ensure that your new PC can achieve
optimal performance.

Integrating Accessories

From external drives to keyboards to monitors, we’ll install the drivers and
wrangle the wires to make it all work.

Frequently Asked Questions

Our PC Setup services are designed to make your work life more convenient.
If you need answers, check below!

  • Why hire someone to set up my PC?

    Computer manufacturers will claim their devices are plug-and-play, but that’s not always the case. Many different apps, drivers, and software components must work together. At H Grant Support, we can take the headache out of setting up a new PC.

  • I need multiple monitors and external drives added — do you do that?

    Yes, we’re happy to connect and configure any accessories for your new PC. It can be tedious to set up screen extensions, automated backups, printers, and so on. We’ll help however we can

  • My computer isn't new, but I've recently reformatted it. Could you set it up?

    Yes, even if the computer is not technically new, we can help reinstall software and connect it to your monitor, printer, external drives, and other devices.

  • I don't like any of the default software that comes with my PC. Can you get rid of it?

    We’re happy to uninstall bloatware, or pre-installed apps, such as Spotify, Dropbox, and other software you may not use. However, some programs are essential to your computer’s function or may be required for your work. We’ll help you customize and streamline your PC as best as we can!