PC Patching

Why PC Patching?

All computers and servers require constant maintenance and patching to keep them up-to-date, not only for applications and processes to run smoothly without any errors, but also to avoid any security exploits and risks that hackers are sure to take advantage of. Both personal and enterprise-level computers require scheduled checks and maintenance work suited for their area of use.


The Many Advantages of Frequent PC Patching

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    Ensure your digital security with updates directly issued by the relevant software providers.

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    Reduce system errors by keeping up-to-date versions of OS, software, and other needed libraries.

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    Iron out incompatibilities between applications and OS patches.

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    Get rid of corrupted files that take up space on your system.

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    Pinpoint performance issues and gain recommendations on the best solutions.

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    Patching services available for both personal and enterprise-level computing.

Ka Ren Chew

Prompt courteous service! Howard helped troubleshoot a problem that came up with my son's laptop. He worked through the problem with him on the phone, and came up with the easiest and most economical solution. He was more than willing to help. Would definitely recommend!!

Scott Sanders

If you are looking for top notch support with your IT issues, look no further. Howard really knows his stuff and has helped me in the past with a real head scratcher. Howard came in and saved the day as well as made me look like a million bucks to my client. Thanks for all of your help Howard I genuinely appreciate it. Howard is a straight shooter and I would highly recommend him as well as his company, H Grant Support, LLC.

Allison Weinberger Marcilla

Howard was extremely responsive, professional and helped me with all of my issues with regards to adding memory to my MacBook. He also helped me to troubleshoot some password issues. I highly recommend him!

How It Works

Here at H Grant, we’ve built up a quick and easy process to ensure a seamless and hassle-free periodical maintenance and update.

You contact us.

Our lines are open, and our team will warmly listen to any rules, requirements, and qualms you or your company may have regarding the patching process.

We check your system for issues.

Our expert team checks all the needed details to determine when maintenance should be done

We push through with the updates.

Once a schedule is determined.
We will then execute each update that is needed.

You get to operate your dailies with relative ease.

All your systems will operate more smoothly and with update to date software after patching is completed.

Frequently Asked Questions

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