Network Setups

Why a Custom Network Setup

Standard network setups are vastly different from the kinds of networks you need when running a business, especially one that lives and breathes through emails, social media, website management, online marketing, real-time communication, and the like.

Fast network speed and good network quality are huge factors in keeping businesses afloat, and with a standard connection, you’re likely to compromise both, especially when you’re thinking of expanding your employee count or increasing your digital products, services, or hotlines.

Here at H Grant Support, we know that any good business needs a high-quality network that grows with them, not a network that will cause problems down the line.

H Grant Support’ Network Setup Process

First, we give you a free consultation. With this initial interview, we determine what kind of business you have, and what kinds of specific needs your business has to fulfill on a day-to-day basis in order to see what type of network suits your business the most.

Next, we design a network plan for your business. We then take into account the physical and digital architecture of your office and your business setup, and your business needs, in order to present and collaborate our plans with you. Part of this plan can be suggesting hardware upgrades, adding network switches and routers, and so on.

Finally, our team brings it all to life. From hardware installations to connectivity tests, our trained professionals can handle it.

We have post-service care for any further upgrades, troubleshooting, or issues encountered.

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Our Services

We offer a wide range of vital services for your business’ networking dailies.

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Our firewall setup is guaranteed to be safe and secure. We set them up to make sure they abide by our clients’ security policies and protocols to ensure a seamless yet protected network experience.

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Network Design and Setup

We have experts on board our team that are fully experienced on designing ideal business network plans and physically setting up the needed hardware, software, and firmware on-site for our clients.

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Failover internet

We keep reliability and redundancy in mind, no matter what type of business our clients have. In case of network fluctuations, we ensure that our failover internet kicks in to supply our clients with an emergency backup network– all this working in the background, without any fuss.

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Your Business, Your Rules

We know that you take your business very seriously, which is why you should be focusing on your business alone. Leave all the network management to us, and see how productive everyone in your company can be.

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Many of our clients have increased their productivity and focus thanks to fast network speeds and optimized systems— all provided by H Grant Support.

Susan Camp Tryforos

Howard is a dream – a techie who can relate to us non-techies and explain things so that we understand. Hiring H. Grant Designs to help get the Glen Rock Historical & Preservation Society up to (technology) speed was one of my best decisions. Howard is professional and extremely knowledgeable. Highly recommended.

Mo Jones

Howard was a lifesaver! He was very professional and knowledgeable. Howard was able to help me when switching to a self-hosted WP blog and workout all the kinks. I am not very techie, but Howard was patient with me and helped me figure it all out. He is one of the best out there! You can’t go wrong with Howard!

Elissa Kingsley

Howard is amazing at what he does, and is always there when you need him! Technology is such a crucial and critical part of our lives. Entrusting our products with Howard means that we know we are in great hands! Howard is also wonderful at giving professional advice. He is always honest and realistic, and never plays games. If you are looking for someone to help your technological needs, Howard is your man! Use him. You will not be sorry!

Kristine Kehoe

Howard came to my rescue like the knight in shinning armor!!! My computer was sick, very sick. Many many {{odd}} photos appears on my machine and I was alarmed to say the least. I called Howard and he he fixed it less then an hour at a very affordable cost. I trusted him with my personal information and he didn’t let me down. Thank you so much Howard!! Your amazing and I would refer you to anyone who needs there dirty computer cleaned.

Our Commitment

  • We guarantee a hassle-free process from the beginning of setup all the way down to post-service care.
  • The services we provide are customized for your specific business needs, all to make sure that you are getting the best value.
  • We provide support in a timely manner to help with any emergency issues and troubleshooting.
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