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The responsibilities of a Managed Service Provider (MSP) are mainly geared towards improving the digital operations of organizations by providing remote monitoring and management so that they don’t have to! MSPs monitor and manage entire network environments, IT infrastructures, server health and performance, and many complex and repetitive specificities that vary from client to client due to the different nature of each business.

With the range of services MSPs offer, companies don’t need to go the distance and invest in an in-house team for technical tasks that are vital but unrelated to their main business goals. Instead, companies can save a great deal by subscribing to MSP expertise as it saves time and valuable resources as opposed to self-management.

H Grant Support is committed to providing MSP services with the client’s needs at the forefront of activity. Our skilled engineers have years of experience under their belt and, in turn, are knowledgeable in standards, processes, scenarios, reliable contacts, and knowledge bases that are vital for any job. We mostly provide remote monitoring and management, but can also send our experts on-site for tasks better done in person.


Some of our offerings include monitoring and managing the following 24/7:

  • Group 21203

    Systems and Network Security

  • Group 21203

    Server Health, Processes, and OS

  • Group 21203

    Firewalls, Switches, Routers, and other Network-related Peripherals

  • Group 21203

    Maintenance of key Software, Hardware, and Firmware in terms of Updating and Patching

  • Group 21203

    Hardware and Bluetooth Peripherals

  • Group 21203

    Wireless and P2P Systems

  • Group 21203

    Custom Client-specific Tasks and Processes

  • Group 21203

    Scheduled Maintenance and Repairs

To top it all off, our team is approachable and can aid in various scenarios, ranging from emergencies to minor concerns.

Invest in the rest of your business and leave all the repetitive background maintenance and monitoring with us! Give us a call today and see how much of a difference onboarding an experienced MSP can make for you and your business.

Scott Sanders

If you are looking for top notch support with your IT issues, look no further. H Grant Support really knows his stuff and has helped me in the past with a real head scratcher. H Grant Support came in and saved the day as well as made me look like a million bucks to my client. Thanks for all of your help H Grant Support I genuinely appreciate it. H Grant Support is a straight shooter and I would highly recommend him as well as his company, H Grant Support, LLC.

Michael Goshin

I had recently upgraded our iMac hard drive and was having problems restoring our backup. Within an hour of initial contact, H Grant Support was at our house working on the problem. I'm happy to say that he got our machine up-and-running quickly. His price was fair and he was a pleasure to interact with. Highly recommend!!!

Julianna Moore

H Grant Support is very knowledgeable and trustworthy ! I am so glad I found the right person to help me with all of my computer issues! I know who I will call next time.

How It Works

A Managed Service Provider is your partner for efficient, reliable system monitoring. We make sure that your digital infrastructure is secure, up to date, and well-maintained. Our end-to-end approach includes both tedious tasks and overarching digital health, as well as emergency repairs and on-demand support.

Innovative IT Infrastructure Support
An in-house IT team may be out of your budget, and if you do have IT staff, they're likely preoccupied with day-to-day tasks. Let us handle your overall infrastructure by maintaining your servers, patching core software, and running you don't have to.
Streamlined Cybersecurity
We implement and manage tough defenses against both malware attacks and security vulnerabilities. From antivirus software to server patches to user access levels, we protect your business from downtime and data loss.
Nuanced Network Management
With full support for VPNs, shared drives, P2P, and access levels, we keep your team connected to each other and the world. Our network monitoring and management solutions work in tandem with your cybersecurity and hardware needs.
Convenient Maintenance and Repairs
The last thing you should worry about is server downtime or who's going to fix essential hardware or software issues. As your MSP, H Grant Support combines monitoring, preventative tasks, and emergency support to give you ultimate peace of mind.

Frequently Asked Questions

A Managed Service Provider can fill the gaps in your in-house IT support, provide affordable access to technical expertise, or both. Read on to learn more.

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