Firewalls: the First Line of Defense

A good firewall helps keep malware and ransomware out of your team’s emails and browsers. You can also limit traffic to trusted sites, quarantine dangerous emails, and protect your secure drives and servers. When it comes to cybersecurity, compromise is not an option!

However, firewalls require detailed configuration, regular maintenance, and complete implementation. Otherwise, you may be left vulnerable. Ensure it’s done right and run your business with peace of mind…

Invest in firewall management from H Grant Support! We make cyberdefense simple.

Some of our offerings include monitoring and managing the following 24/7:

Secure Connectivity for Remote Teams

A proxy firewall allows remote team members to safely connect to your server or network. They can also buffer your in-house devices against spyware sent over your network.

Improved Productivity and Risk Management

No more downtime caused by ransomware attacks — or malware threats caused by unauthorized browsing activity! With firewalls, you control how your team uses the Internet and which traffic comes through your network.

Robust Data Protection

Everything from trade secrets to customers’ sensitive information may reside on your drives. Keep everything safe from prying eyes with firewalls that kick out hackers at the first warning sign.

Complementary and Robust Rules

Setting up one firewall does little if malicious traffic can enter another way. That’s why it’s critical to ensure that all firewall rules are up-to-date. Firewall management experts can resolve conflicting rules and ensure all team members have the correct access.

Clear Documentation

When an attack happens, it’s important to know the source and impact. Firewall management is more than defense — it also provides key insights to bolster your overall cybersecurity.

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Why Choose Firewall Management with H Grant Support?

H Grant Support specializes in comprehensive digital and IT solutions for businesses. We see the challenges and risks caused by cybercriminals, and we’re eager to help defend enterprises from these attacks. Firewall management is the first and best line of defense against malicious Internet traffic. With our approach, you can rest assured that we’ll protect your digital assets and ward off hackers on your behalf.

Get Started with Firewall Management

Reach out to H Grant Support to learn more about our firewall management services. You’ll enjoy stronger cybersecurity, thorough defenses, and a viable roadmap to your digital system’s safety and integrity.

Expert Configuration

Skip the headache … trust H Grant Support to set up your firewall and keep your business’s network secure.

Full Compliance

Is your business subject to cybersecurity regulations or reporting requirements? We monitor and log all firewall activity to keep you in the clear.

Seamless Rules and Policies

Firewalls restrict and track network activity, so all access, changes, and requirements must be completely aligned. We’ll make sure the firewall rules and policies are conflict-free, fully tested, and regularly audited and logged.

Reliable Maintenance

Firewalls are never set-it-and-forget-it…but with H Grant Support’s experts on hand, you can rest easy that all testing, patches, and change logs will be done on time and correctly.

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Frequently Asked Questions

A Managed Service Provider can fill the gaps in your in-house IT support, provide affordable access to technical expertise, or both. Read on to learn more.
  • How are firewalls different from antivirus software?

    Firewalls block network traffic from malicious or suspicious sources. This can help defend against cyberattacks that may not include a typical virus. For example, phishers could spoof your organization’s email and pretend to be an internal sender. Firewalls block the message from even coming through. You can also limit network activity to certain IP addresses, access ports, or applications to protect your data and prevent unauthorized access.

  • Can firewalls replace antivirus software?

    No. While they do block network traffic from known malicious sources (or those with vulnerabilities), your devices may contract a virus from removable hardware, spammy web links, and other user activity. We recommend both firewalls and antivirus protection as part of a complete cybersecurity plan.

  • What are the main types of firewalls, and which do I need?

    Firewalls come in three main types:

    • Traditional firewalls limit network traffic to pre-defined sources, destinations, or ports. You can set rules for access and automatically block suspicious sources. These are ideal for organizations that need to heavily restrict network activity.
    • Proxy-based firewalls force devices to connect to an intermediary. This is one of the most secure, although it can sometimes delay connection speed.
    • Next-generation firewalls set rules for network activity and also filter traffic for certain applications. They also offer malware detection and blocking, which makes them a comprehensive solution for many businesses.

    Reach out to H Grant Support to discuss your firewall needs.

  • Why do firewalls need maintenance?

    As your various software gets updated or new devices join the network, new vulnerabilities arise. Your firewall configuration may not support certain software versions. Over time, its rules become redundant or unnecessary. Only regular auditing, testing, and updates can ensure that your firewall is operating as it should.