Email Backup

A promise of secure recovery, archiving, and backup for your business.

We bring you high quality cloud-based solutions that answer your business process problems and needs. From Email Backup and Email Archiving, all the way down to Email Insights, our services are not only compliant to data protection and data storage standards (GDPR and e-Discovery), they are guaranteed to be secure and protected. Our services are able to support backups for a wide range of email partners, such as Workspace Gmail, Office 365, Open-Xchange, Hosted Exchange, IMAP/POP, and other websites and formats— all with ease.

The Benefits of Email Backup:

Keep your sensitive business emails and threads secure from ransomware and other attacks while keeping them easily accessible to you via state-of-the-art encrypted Email Backup and Archiving.

Backup emails from numerous email partners and formats: Workspace Gmail, Office 365, Open-Xchange, Hosted Exchange, IMAP/POP, and more.

No-fuss and hassle-free— just subscribe to our service, and we’ll handle the rest behind the scenes.

All public and private email data are uploaded directly into the cloud for safekeeping.

Our brilliant team is available for any further needs, 24/7.

Allison Weinberger Marcilla

Howard was extremely responsive, professional and helped me with all of my issues with regards to adding memory to my MacBook. He also helped me to troubleshoot some password issues. I highly recommend him!

Mary Bissetta Gorman

Thank you Howard for immediately fixing my Mac mail issues. So glad I was referred to you by Kathleen Deparis. It was so nice of you to take the time on a Saturday to resolve my issues.

Julianna Moore

Howard is very knowledgable and trustworthy ! I am so glad I found the right person to help me with all of my computer issues! I know who I will call next time.

How It Works

Our advanced email backup, archiving, and restoring solution

Get started fast.

As soon as you subscribe to our email backup service, you’re good to go! Absolutely no extra fuss, and no long waiting hours!

Automatically archive emails on the cloud.

Lots of emails coming in per day? Save some space and never lose a conversation with our email archiving and backup, done automatically three times a day so that you and your stakeholders can breathe easy.

Efficiently search through archived emails.

Looking for something? Our search feature can access archives in rapid speed, giving you what you need with a fraction of the average waiting times.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Will email backups slow down my internet?

    No, don’t worry. We make sure to do your backups whenever there isn’t much traffic on your network and whenever it’s most convenient for you. Also, most email backups don’t take up too much bandwidth, so you don’t have to worry about business down time due to backups happening in the back end.

  • Can the email backup service be used with a variety of different email addresses, across different hosts?

    Yes, it can be set up and customized this way.

  • Will I still be able to search through 5 years worth of emails?

    Yes, all very quickly and in record time.

  • Is cloud backup safer than local email backup?

    Definitely. Your local server may be compromised due to any unforeseen circumstance. With cloud backups, data on the cloud does not exist on a singular server, it is copied across multiple cloud servers to ensure that there is always a working duplicate in case of an emergency— and these measures are always done automatically and in the background.