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Cloud Computing Technology Solutions

Cloud computing offers lower costs and greater scalability. H GRANT SUPPORT can help you upgrade your essential system to provide a smoother work experience. We can help you with file sharing, PC backup, email backup, and launching Microsoft 365. H GRANT SUPPORT is proud to help businesses of all sizes integrate cloud-based applications into their daily schedule.

Why is transforming to the cloud so important?

Increase team productivity

Your team is working from everywhere. When your network is on the cloud, it can also work from anywhere. Transforming to cloud services also eliminates disruptive downtime and outages that are often experienced when equipment falters. Cloud services ensure more overall productivity for everyone.

Reduce operating expenses

Save money on costly new equipment and maintenance and repairs. When you elevate to cloud services, there’s less need for all the big equipment, which saves you money.

Protect your data and your servers

More cloud servicing means more protection for your network and data. Companies fear internet threats daily, but cloud services can keep your data safe and away from those that are looking to grab hold of it.

Focus on mission-driven tasks

Spend less time upgrading and maintaining pesky IT equipment and more time on mission-driven tasks. When you elevate to the cloud there’s less worry about equipment and more time spent on implementing processes for what you do.


Our Services

H Grant Support can help you transform to the Cloud!

Why should you outsource your IT services to us?

We’re committed to putting you first and in doing that, we provide the services that will allow your team to function at optimum capacity without little worry about IT hardware, software, or maintenance and repairs.

Our top-notch Cloud Services include:


Cloud File Sharing

We’ll help you leverage production to operate from a virtual environment that ensures continuity for your workforce and better performance of your systems. All of this while providing total customer satisfaction at all times.


Cloud PC Backup

The old ways of backing up are gone and are no longer sufficient. We’ll provide your business with intelligent backup and disaster recovery solutions that provide you with data when you need access to it and security from the bad guys. We’ll assess your needs and determine the best solutions to keep your data and serves protected.


Email Backup

Never again worry about losing emails. Cloud services even make it easy to backup your emails. Your inbox grows by the hundreds on a daily basis, and having the capacity to preserve these precious gems could prove beneficial years from now. Get the backup services you need with cloud services.


Office 365

Get more from the cloud! While Google Apps offers many businesses what they need to work sufficiently, Office 365 now provides more cloud-based services that allow companies to get more bang for their buck.


Cloud-Based Application for Customer & Company Satisfaction

Elevate your business by utilizing the Cloud Services of H Grant Support.

Elevate your digital transformation, and make your entire business more productive and customer friendly with H Grant Support!

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Take a look below and see why you should work with H Grant Support for all your IT needs!

Julianna Moore

H Grant Support is very knowledgeable and trustworthy ! I am so glad I found the right person to help me with all of my computer issues! I know who I will call next time.

Frankie Scandale

H Grant Support really saved me and my computer when I was in a bind. He was professional, efficient and very knowledgable. Definitely would recommend him for any big or small computer needs.

Dawn Blaney Malizia

Super fast response and saved all my data! I will be calling again and highly recommend!

Susan Camp Tryforos

H Grant Support is a dream – a techie who can relate to us non-techies and explain things so that we understand. Hiring H. Grant Designs to help get the Glen Rock Historical & Preservation Society up to (technology) speed was one of my best decisions. H Grant Support is professional and extremely knowledgeable. Highly recommended.

How H GRANT SUPPORT Makes Your Cloud Transition Easy

• We’ll help you ensure your emails and data are safe with essential backups that protect you in case of an emergency. It’s peace of mind in all you do.

• Our streamlined file sharing and data management services make it easy for remote teams to access and restore data from anywhere. You can optimize workflows, track versions, manage access, and more.

• H GRANT SUPPORT will help you set up your business Microsoft 365 account. With all the great programs you love under one cloud-based roof, it’s the productivity tool your company needs to make the most of each day.