Cloud PC Backup

Gain Peace of Mind about Your Priceless Data

Losing your business's files, customer details, and other critical data to fire, flooding, theft, or equipment failure can be devastating. Cloud PC backup offers a convenient means of securely storing your data offsite. Our streamlined solution easily restores your servers, drives, and workstations after a disaster — while warding off hackers and ransomware.

Plus, our cloud-based architecture makes it simple for remote team members to access and restore data from anywhere that has Internet!


Benefits of Cloud PC Backup

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    Quickly and automatically make full backups to a secure cloud destination — no complicated equipment required

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    Ensure that your sensitive files are protected from ransomware attacks.

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    Easily manage backups and data recovery in a secure, multi-user dashboard.

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    Restore computers, drives, servers, email/file sharing accounts, and software configurations to their previous state.

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    Archive your data with unlimited cloud storage.

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    Rest assured that your documents, servers, and data are thoroughly backed up, no need to babysit your drives or manually run backups!

Katie Lynn

I had such a fantastic experience working with H Grant Support. I would suggest this company to EVERYONE. He completely understood my vision for my company and brought my company to life online. Thank you!!!!!!!

Rosti Satanovsky

Howard is there to the rescue at the drop of a dime. The screen sharing from your phone or browser is fantastic!

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Howard is able, friendly and very responsive. I have had a great experience working with him and he has helped with on going issues as well, Thanks for everything!

How It Works

Our cloud PC backup solution uses sophisticated SaaS architecture to make data storage, archiving, and recovery as simple and accurate as possible.

Cloud Storage
Hard drives and external backup drives run out of space sooner than you might imagine. Get unlimited, secure cloud-based storage for your business.
Complete Backup and Protection
Your business's vital data includes more than files and emails. From server configurations to Microsoft 365 data, our cloud PC backup solution handles it all.
Unified Dashboard
Reduce your senior IT staff's workload and manage access to all backups and recovery data with our cloud-based, multi-tenant dashboard.
Fast, Frequent Backups
Save time and rest assured that your data is backed up regularly and accurately, without taking up precious bandwidth or requiring you to supervise the process.

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