Cloud File Sharing

Connect Your Team with Confidence

Many file-sharing solutions are merely that: the ability to share and send files with limited ability to manage access, optimize workflows, or track version history. Synchronization can be difficult when coordinating files and workflows across your team, and any errors could lead to data loss or unauthorized access.And if you need to comply with any data regulations, you have yet another layer of file complexity to consider.

Our streamlined solution easily restores your servers, drives, and workstations after a disaster or when transferring data. Plus, our cloud-based architecture makes it simple for remote team members to access and restore data from anywhere that has Internet!

The Benefits of Failover Internet:

Allow your team to work remotely with less risk and greater efficiency thanks to a mobile, cloud-powered intranet.

Rest assured that your files are protected no matter the situation.

Ensure full compliance with detailed file reporting, access and version history, and audits.

Share, distribute, and track files with cloud-based, sophisticated architecture that makes it easier to manage licenses, generate reports, and more.

Easily integrate your existing software for streamlined workflows and reliable data synchronization.

Align and manage both in-person and remote teams with complete file synchronization, granular access, and optimized workflows.

Scott Sanders

If you are looking for top notch support with your IT issues, look no further. Howard really knows his stuff and has helped me in the past with a real head scratcher. Howard came in and saved the day as well as made me look like a million bucks to my client. Thanks for all of your help Howard I genuinely appreciate it. Howard is a straight shooter and I would highly recommend him as well as his company, H Grant Support, LLC.

Dawn Blaney Malizia

Super fast response and saved all my data! I will be calling again and highly recommend!

Melissa Walsh

Howard has helped our business recover from our previous subpar IT company. He helped us understand where we were and how to get where we needed to be. He has streamlined our operations so that we can run much more efficiently. He is extremely trustworthy and always has his clients best interest in mind!

How It Works

Our cloud file sharing solution encompasses synchronization, user access, software integration, and collaboration without sacrificing cybersecurity.

Seamless File Sharing

Connect files, messages, access rules, and workflows in a simple, streamlined environment, enabling fast collaboration while protecting your valuable data.

Compliance and Reporting

Track all versions, access levels, and activity on files, and ensure that changes are fully synchronized across devices. Easily generate reports and access/revision history for full compliance with data privacy regulations.

Advanced Access Controls

Allow your staff to administer all files’ access levels, reports, and sync status with ease. Different team members can access what they need, and if you wish, you can restrict sensitive data to only authorized team members.

Protect and Securely Store Files

Our file sharing solution ensures that no valuable data falls between the cracks. Upload, share, and track files in a safe cloud-based environment.

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Frequently Asked Questions

A Managed Service Provider can fill the gaps in your in-house IT support, provide affordable access to technical expertise, or both. Read on to learn more.
  • Why should I invest in cloud-based file sharing and synchronization for my business?

    Remote work is the new normal, and many businesses now operate in a hybrid environment. Juggling multiple files, version histories, and access levels is difficult and time-consuming. A cloud file sharing and sync solution facilitates easier collaboration, as well as compliance and user controls.

  • Why is cloud file sharing more reliable?

    Many file management platforms are intended for one-way sync or sharing. Access details are limited, and there is no functionality for overall file management or synchronization, nor access controls. This can lead to competing version histories, unauthorized and untraceable edits, and insufficient sync.

  • Is cloud-based data storage truly secure?

    Compared to common file sharing tools, our comprehensive file management solution allows granular control of every single file — plus rules-based synchronization. For example, a typical share link enables access for anyone who obtains that link. That could present a security risk, and you cannot always tell who modified or accessed the document. Our platform removes the guesswork and allows more advanced file management.

  • What makes H Grant Support' cloud file sharing solution better?

    Our file-sharing solution incorporates synchronization, access control, and team collaboration tools all in one! Plus, it’s easy to integrate with your existing software. Spare your team the struggle of searching through cluttered dropboxes or email chains — and make sure that your files are securely stored and accessible by only those who need them.