May 2022 Case Study

May 17, 2022


The prospective client was having issues with their current IT provider and wanted an assessment from H Grant Support.


  • G-Suite
  • 4 on-site users
  • 2 remote users
  • OneDrive

Current Issues:

The current provider was not supplying adequate support for the client’s needs. The client required remote support, but their IT support team did not provide that service. The computers did not have any antivirus software installed and did not have an on-site firewall.
In addition to having no intrusion protection, backups of computers and email were not completed.

Discovery and Implementation:

Once the client reviewed our proposal, they decided to move forward with H Grant Support for IT support. To protect the client’s assets and data, we added:
  • Sonicwall Firewall for network security
  • UniFI AP for wifi that we could control
  • Email backup
  • OneDrive backup
  • Computer backup
  • Antivirus

For simplicity and synchronization, the client email was migrated to Microsoft 365. Ironscales was installed for extra email protection.