Case Study March 2019

March 1, 2019


A client expressed their current WiFi was unstable and the switch and ISP modem were located in a drop ceiling. They also experienced issues with QuickBooks aborting.


  • 24 port D-Link Gigabit Switch. Model Number DGS-1024D
  • QuickBooks 2014
  • Internet Service Provider (ISP) provided router


When the client first approached us about the WiFi dropping a signal, we asked to see the location of the router and switch. We noticed that everything was in the drop ceiling, with wires haphazardly tangled and not secured. It was clear we would need to rework the wiring as well as the router and switch locations. Additionally, we noticed that no firewall was in place. During our consultation discussion, we suggested replacing the switch with a UniFi 24-port switch and a UniFi AP Pro.
To prevent overheating, we purchased mounting equipment and moved the switch out of the drop ceiling. The new UniFi AP Pro was mounted 20 feet outside of the office. We ran a wire through the drop ceiling to the new UniFi 24-port switch, which we also installed outside of the drop ceiling. The firewall we recommended was mounted next to the ISP modem.
Once the internet was back up and running, we re-mapped all of the network connections and printers. We noticed that the QuickBooks company file was 577MB. We suggested upgrading the computer that QuickBooks was hosted on and updating the version of QuickBooks as well.