Case Study December 2018

December 28, 2018


A client expressed a need to access all of her files on multiple devices without using any cloud services (like Dropbox or OneDrive). In addition to file viewing, she wanted a cloud-based and physical backup storage platform.


  • 5-year old desktop running Windows 7 Pro
  • 1 TB Western Digital Blue
  • 1 256 SSD Crucial Drive


When we first spoke with the client, she indicated that she didn’t want to use Dropbox or any other cloud-syncing platform due to previous issues with versioning. The client’s current desktop has 900 GB of storage. Our solution included a new computer. The new device had a 1 TB HD which we replaced with a 1 TB SSD and added a 4 TB Western Digital Red drive for her data. Once the new computer is set up, we will transfer all her data to the new machine. Once complete, we will install two Western Digital Red drives into a Synology. Synology is where her information will be stored and act as a physical backup. To address her cloud needs, we plan to setup an AWS server for her cloud backup. Once set up, the client can access the Synology through her new Sonicwall firewall’s VPN. Our multi-pronged approach for data access and availability will allow for file syncing across all devices and backups as needed.